With over 20 years experience in events and entertainment production our high quality 3D visualisations are an excellent way of bringing your ideas to life.

We don't only produce attractive pictures, we can help you with the entire design process.

Our images, fly throughs and panoramas will help to illustrate your ideas to your clients. We will work with you to find the best ways to turn your ideas into your dream event and even produce construction drawings for the set builders and floor plans of the venue.

The Australian's Global Food Summit Melbourne 2016

The Australian's Global Food Summit Melbourne 2016



Make your event extra memorable with a unique set design tailored to deliver your message. Collaboration is the key - we will work with you to turn your ideas into reality.



Sometimes still images just don't tell the full story. A fly through can show what your event will look like as your guests walk through the venue. This is an excellent way of selling your venue - even before it has been built!



Show your clients, stakeholders and producers exactly how your event will look with realistic lighting and detail that will amaze you AND your client. 

These are more than pictures, these are computer generated models. This means that we can add realistic lighting and materials. We use a combination of floor plans, site surveys and photographic references to produce a realistic model and then generate still images from a variety of angles.

2017 TV Week Logies

2017 TV Week Logies



So you've got a great design, now it has to be built. We can produce detailed, annotated scale drawings for the workshop and floor plans of the venue showing the layout of your event.